Virtual Desktop Infrastructure = Faster Connectivity

Clients connect to their virtual desktops through a powerful, primary Internet connection that runs directly from the Virtual Systems data center to your location(s). Everything from your general business applications like Microsoft Office and Quickbooks to proprietary applications are accessible, from any device.

Unlike remote desktop protocols, virtual desktop infrastructure gives every employee their own instance in the cloud, with their own individual resource pool of memory, storage and processing power. This allows for faster processing time for all users and ensures that one user doesn’t hog resources, slowing down performance for the rest of the employee base.

Highly Available, Highly Secure

VSystems DaaS solutions are housed in geographically dispersed data centers with state-of-the-art security, emergency power and redundant systems.

  • All facilities are secured with monitored alarm systems and card access

  • Redundant IP communications

  • Two layers of redundant power

  • 24x7x365 access for customers

  • State-of-the-art heat and smoke detection, FM 200 fire suppression systems

  • Constantly monitored humidity and temperature controls

Always Auditable

VSystems uses industry-standard Active Directory authentication to practices in compliance with HIPAA healthcare and financial regulations. All user access is logged and controlled, ensuring only authorized users have access to key data.

Every year, Virtual Systems data centers are audited by an independent 3rd party for HIPAA and SOX compliance to ensure the proper policies and procedures are in place.

hipaa compliant

Available on Virtually Every Device

Hosted virtual desktops can be accessed from nearly every popular Internet-enabled device.

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