Extend the Life of your Desktops

Need to keep up with today’s computing demands but not ready to make a significant new hardware investment?

VSystems makes it easy to extend the life of your desktop by shifting computing resource requirements from the individual desktop or laptop CPU to a centralized, hosted virtual computing resource. Virtual desktops can improve user experience and processing power without requiring an expensive hardware upgrade.

Support Multiple Shift Employees from the Same Device

If your business runs multiple shifts, virtual desktops can help you cut infrastructure costs while providing secure file and application access to every employee.

For example, you run three 8-hour shifts. Today, each employee requires their own computer to handle individual files, emails and other daily activity. At any given shift, two computers sit idle.

With Virtual Systems virtual desktop, one computer works across all shifts in a “hot desking” environment. Virtual desktops keep email, file organization and individual data separate from other employees while allowing you to cut your IT hardware costs up to 66%!

Better Manage IT Expenses

Hosted virtual desktop from Virtual Systems provides an opportunity to shift from the spikes of major capital expenditures to a regular, reliable monthly operating expense for your information technology.

And when you do need to update or add hardware, such as new PCs, you have more flexible, affordable options including employee stipend for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), netbooks, thin, or zero client devices designed specifically for a cloud computing environment.

On an ongoing basis, you may reduce desktop TCO up to 50% (Source: VMWare) because all desktops can be managed centrally from one location. This is ideal for small- and mid-sized companies where it is unfeasible to have a local IT support person in every regional office.

Improve Data Security and Compliance

The upside of mobile devices is that it’s easier than ever for employees to be productive.

The downside? The risk of a laptop or mobile device being lost, stolen or broken in some way.

Automatic Log Off When Idle

Users are automatically logged out whenever a device is closed or shut down, and after 15 minutes of inactivity, ensuring data stays secure if a machine is left unattended.

Secure Across Devices

All data is stored in a central location. So even if a device is in-operable or un-recoverable, your data will be secure and accessible from a different device.

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