Put an End to Expensive Server Upgrades

You’ve been avoiding it for as long as possible… but now the time has come. You need to upgrade your servers. This means research, cost analysis, weeks or months of waiting for new hardware to arrive, lengthy installation, migrations… inevitable headaches, not to mention a significant capital outlay.

With Virtual Systems virtual private servers, you can eliminate all of the hassle in a matter of days, for a simple monthly fee. We’ve already taken care of all the hardware procurement, installation and setup for you.

Improve Server Security and Compliance

If you’re concerned about compliance with healthcare and financial regulations—or even just keeping your corporate data secure—hosting offsite may eliminate many headaches. VSystems manages the physical security of all servers. Data center access is controlled and monitored 24x7x365. Virtual Systems ensures data and applications are stored in compliance with leading healthcare and financial regulations including HIPAA, GLBA, SOX and more:


Data in Motion

Data in motion is protected through a secure virtual networking using VLAN technology.


Data in Use

Data in use is secured by Active Directory role-based access controls, ensuring only authorized users have access to corporate data and applications.


Data at Rest

Data at rest is optionally stored on secure storage. Self encrypted drives are also available.

Better Manage IT Expenses

Hosted cloud servers from VSystems provide an opportunity to shift from the spikes of major capital expenditures to a regular, reliable monthly operating expense for your information technology.

And when you do need to update or add servers, you have more flexible, affordable options including steady scalability, paying only for what you need, or short-term monthly commitments for development or other projects.

Interested in even more savings? Virtual Systems clients can save up to 20% of their total IT investment by moving to a combined virtual private server and virtual desktop solution with Virtual Systems Internet connectivity — freeing critical IT staff to work on more strategic business initiatives.

Have a Disaster Recovery Plan You Can Count On

VSystems provides a range of backup and disaster recovery options to best meet your business needs and risk tolerance. Virtual Systems has tested and proven disaster recovery options, ranging from nightly data backups and High Availability systems to redundant servers and 15-minute data backups.

Find out which backup plan is best for you.

Looking for additional support?

Yes, I want support for the application layer and physical desktops

Virtual Systems partners with Dell Managed Service Program and several local Managed Service Providers to provide server-level OS updates, security patches, antivirus and anti-malware protection support for you.

Yes, I want additional server-level monitoring

Virtual Systems can provide more detailed server-level monitoring.

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